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Monday 14th June 2010 ~ From Good To Bad

20109 with a driver looking pleased to be photographed on K3 in King's Lynn this morning. Rob Brooks.
The morning went quite well today with only one exception to a low floor service, this being B10M 20109 which worked K3 as 37573 was required in Norwich (presumably at Volvo) and 37576 is still absent. Delays were minimal and most services ran nicely to time.

Problems began after lunch when 37567 suffered a broken upstairs front window while working Y13. Not sure where it happened but it certainly didn't run as the 13.56 Wisbech to King's Lynn much to the disappointment of a sizeable contingent waiting at Walpole Highway and Andy james reports it arriving at King's Lynn at 14.13 'not in service'. What happened next is uncertain, but 567 may have worked through to Lowestoft anyway as K14, a turn which terminates at Lowestoft while 37568 which was on K14 looks to have completed Y13.
There was a fatal accident near Acle at around teatime which threw the service into chaos. L8 18.50 Lynn - Peterborough departed with 20109 which had just arrived on K3 and the coach worked all the way back to Lowestoft, then as booked going to Yarmouth to stay the night. Meanwhile 37577 on the incoming L8 arrived in time to form L10 the 19.50 westbound from Lynn. L10 came in with 37566 which retired to the garage.

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