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Wednesday June 2nd 2010 ~ All Quiet on the X1 Front

Not only has 37567 been cured of its deafening fan, 37563 has too returned to normal - possibly the reason why it was late on the road yesterday.
37567 spent a second day out of service at King's Lynn and 37565 was rested at Lowestoft. 37576 is off the road with accident damage as previously reported and 37156 may well be on MOT as it has not appeared for almost a week now. Royale 34108 was out again on L11 and B10M 20109 enjoyed a full day out on K5.
Timekeeping was much better than yesterday with everything viewed within 10 minutes of time except K1 with 37564 which was 15 late departing on the 15.48 Wisbech to Peterborough, 37160 a similar 14 late on the 16.48 (K3), while earlier 37575 was the black sheep on K15 being 18 late for the 13.18 westbound, but with arrears reduced to 10 minutes heading back east.
Late tonight K19 returned to Lynn from Lowestoft with 37572 instead of 37578 which was in diagram.

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