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Monday 7th June 2010 ~ Turning Back The Clock

Rolling back the years, 20121 heads back home tonight on K5 18.40 from Peterborough, seen passing Tilney All Saints in very poor lighting conditions.

With the schools contracts running again today, King's Lynn sent out 20109 on number 2, 20118 on number 4 and 20123 on number 5 to Hunstanton. This left 20121 spare and because of the absence of any Paragons, it was allocated X1 duty K5. The shortfall being because of MOT work on B9 37575.
I was absent from the scene today with a nasty rash and Bruce held the fort, phoning to report the unusual appearance of 121. In the end it did the complete diagram and for the record, the last time it completed a full X1 duty was on April 20th 2009 !!
Apart from a mid morning blip the timetable held up pretty well. Rejuvenated 37567 appeared on L10 and managed to reduce a westbound defecit of around 17 minutes to about 4 returning.
Both Ian and Peter were in the vicinity of Wisbech bus station at 17.00 to report 37159 on K19 and 37160 on K3 simultaneously. K19 is normally a solid B9 turn and this may well be the first time it has worked with a B7.

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