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Thursday 10th June 2010 ~ Lowestoft Locals

The wanderings of 37565, seen in Lowestoft today but on a local service.

Peter writes "Saw an unknown Gemini go past Lowestoft station on an X2 today and thought "I could get the X1 back to Wisbech from here" but then came to my senses and caught the Oulton-Broad-North-only to Norwich !".
Michael Bryant enlarges on this : 37565 on the 10.08 X2 here, Sam confirms it too. Another source says "Surprising thing was that it then proceeded to work on strange things all day. It did a trip or two on town service 102 followed by some Bernard Mathews contracts then topped it off by working on service 1/1A to Martham until midnight !"
Variety is the spice of life it would seem. Well now, if you'd told me this time last week that K19 would be getting B10M 20109 for the third consecutive day today, I'd have told you to wake up. Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened. It was 20 late through Walpole this afternoon due to the King's Lynn South Gates pandemonium. At one stage, Norfolk Green announced that its services would be avoiding the area altogether such was the havoc.
Bruce was on observation post duty today once more. Highlight (apart from 109) was 34108 on K14 which managed to convert a 14 minute late run westbound into being just 3 late coming back.
37575 passed its MOT today and should be available again now.

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