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Tuesday June 1st 2010 ~ Half Term Havoc

The school holiday has given the green light to a series of roadworks which today badly affected X1 punctuality. Particularly bad was a new phase in the King's Lynn South Gates roundabout scheme and in Wisbech, the closure of Weasenham Lane for resurfacing. The latter although not on the route resulted in tailbacks onto Cromwell Road affecting the X1.
Peterborough bound services from Wisbech were initially only slightly delayed. 34108 was 10 late on Y6, but the rest of the morning was relatively OK. Going east, things were much poorer though. I try to avoid lists where possible, but here are today's sightings westbound / eastbound at Wisbech.
Y7 37565 RT / 2 late
L8 37566 RT / 5 late
Y9 37578 7 late / 15 late
L10 37572 7 late / 24 late
L11 37573 5 late / 10 late
L12 37568 13 late / 10 late
Y13 37577 19 late / 21 late
K14 37579 10 late / not seen
K15 37575 not seen / 41  late
K16 37157 27 late / 25 late
K17 37562 not seen
K18 37563 20 late both ways
K19 20501 17 late / 21 late

The day began with K2 being 37574, just 4 late passing Walpole but this had increased to 18 late this afternoon. K3 had 37160 only 2 late this morning but 35 late for the 16.48 Wisbech to Peterborough.
K4 went from Lynn to Peterborough and back with B10M 20109 this morning before 37569 was resurrected. 37158 started on K18 before 37563 was revived and this is even more surprising because 37567 was also unavailable and was tonight still over the pits at Vancouver Avenue. K5 was 37159 and later Y7 had 37565 swapped for 37564 at Lowestoft.  To complete the day 37570 was K1.
A few B9s have had 'Good Luck England' stickers fitted on the nearside. 37565/72 have been noted so far.

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