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Friday June 4th 2010 ~ Now Get Out Of That !

Tonight I was expecting 34108 on Y6, instead I got 109 - 20109 as seen here passing Tilney.

37562 had a safety service this morning, so was put out on K4 instead of K17 today. The warm weather saw plenty of A47 traffic with slow moving queues on the coastbound carriageway up to the Pullover Roundabout at Lynn. Bruce decided to take a detour via Saddlebow to get to Lynn to save time.
An 'incident' involving the emergency services between the Mount Pleasant roundabout and Clarkson Avenue coming into Wisbech caused chaos for a couple of hours from 13.00.
With the alternative route via the dockside also closed, X1s either took the bypass or went through Walsoken into Norwich Road. Having failed to get through, I turned round and met 37570 on K17 queueing on Lynn Road, so did my public duty and stopped to inform the appreciative driver that he'd have to turn round. This was at 14.24. 570 was next seen passing the town bridge westbound at 14.52, having taken almost half an hour to travel about a mile !
Naturally this all made for heavy delays and viewed were K14 with 37575, 18 late before encountering the blockage on its way back to Lowestoft, 37577 23 late likewise on K15, K17 which as we've said was 32 late going to Peterborough was exactly the same lateness returning. K18 with 37160 was 24 late from Wisbech westbound and 22 late coming back. K16 was not seen in either direction, but was allocated 37157. Similarly K19 with 37573 was not seen going to Peterborough, but was only 4 late when seen coming back.
Partly as a result of the accumulative delays, there were several changes of diagram. K3 started with 37158, but Lowestoft provided 37578 as a replacement. K5 had B10M 20109, but this was changed at Lowestoft for 37566 which sounded quieter today. Y6 was 34108 this morning, but 20109 was sent back. This would in theory have seen it spend the night at Lowestoft, but a windscreen crack saw it taken off at Lynn at 20.30 with 37566 off K5 going forward.
More stepping up saw 37568 on Y7 then handed over to 37158 (off K3) and 37564 on L8 was then swapped for 568. L11 with 37156 (out after an absence) was changed for 37564 BUT somehow 37156 managed to get back to Lynn anyway, possibly empty to alleviate a shortage of power.
Later this evening, the last legs from Lowestoft to Lynn of K15 and K19 were changed with 37577 giving way to 37157 and K19 with 37573 being swapped for 37160.

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