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Saturday June 5th 2010 ~ Fingers Crossed for 20107.

There was some good news on the B10M front today. 20126 has returned to Great Yarmouth after engine repairs where it joins 20127. The latest I hear is that 20107 may have had a stay of execution and is likely to be repaired after all. Time will tell and I wont stake my reputation on it, but thanks to our man for the info. 20109 was yet again turned out from King's Lynn on Excel today. It did K5, but only a trip to Peterborough and back, as by that time 37578 was ready off maintenance to work forward. Royale 34108 was not used on the X1 today, but all the B7s except 37159 were. 37575 is due to be stopped for its MOT tonight. This is the highest mileage X1 Gemini and has clocked up over 191k on its odometer. After yesterday's delays, services seen today were pretty much to time.

Tonight's blog includes our first video (if it works) showing 37567 when it was noisy recently

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yep that's noisy!