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Sunday 6th June 2010 ~ Beware Tornados

Today was enlivened by that good old English tradition, the weather. I ventured out just after 2pm and en route to Walpole Highway was engulfed by the entire contents of the sky, then as I neared the main road the deluge was added to with halestones and the entire road was awash with about 6 inches of water. Nearby Marshland St. James had a mini tornado with the roof being ripped off a bungalow and local structural damage. For a short time visibility was similar to being in thick fog.
The X1 ran very well all things considered and 37160 forming the 14.10 to Lowestoft was just 3 minutes late (about normal for a B7 !) and 37572 heading west on the 14.08 to Peterborough was 18 late. Other services today ran pretty much to time. 37156 was another B7 in action, but everything else was B9s with 37577 on the 15.10 to Lowestoft running a minute early.
Paragon 20501 is reported to have rejoined 20500 in Essex and may well be doing the Stansted to Clacton run again.

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