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20101 - A Postscript & That Book !

Syd has enlightened me about the reason for 101s infrequent X1 appearances, referred to in our recent look back at 2006. I will let him explain :
"It suffered constant 'Low Oil Pressure' in the engine, often in the red on the gauge and causing bells to ring when it was stationary. Despite this, the engine just continued to run, but wasnt suitable for any long distance at high speed which is why it was not allowed onto X1s in its final months".

I expect you remember me giving a plug a while ago for James' new book, well Syd says "A bit off the X1 topic, but probably of interest to you, is that James Race was contacted by the East Anglian Daily Times about his you think they found out about it from your blog? They asked him a few questions over the phone and sent a chap to take a photo or two, so we expected a column or so about it. They really surprised us with no less than a three page spread ! I have sent the PDF files in case you missed it. The main point we were impressed about is the article did not poke fun or derison at the hobby, quite a refreshing change from the media".

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