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Tuesday 12th October 2010 ~ Last One For A While

A great picture from last Thursday evening, 37156 was captured by James Race being fuelled at Lowestoft depot after working the 21.15 to Southwold and back.

On the same evening James photographed 37565 undergoing a safety service at Lowestoft.
Michael Bryant spotted 'The Beast' today, it was lurking not far from Lowestoft bus station, presumably spare. 37157 was seen on the 007 Beccles schools contract and Des says "Spotted 37157 on X2's today 08:06 just leaving Lowestoft bus station, 09:45 on Nor ring road at County Hall & on X2 - 17.10 Norwich to Lowestoft. All this while X1 passengers had to once again struggle onto 20121!!!! Shame on you First!!!".
Oh Dear, I do hope he won't get into trouble for saying that ! He knows I prefer a B10M any day, but as he would point out, I'm not disabled or elderly (well not far off the latter tis true).
There was a bit of a riot this morning, when the A47 was shut at Guyhirn roundabout because of an accident between there and Thorney. Bruce saw 37564 on Y6 at Rings End and Ian passed 37568 on Y9 at Coates, both having travelled via Whittlesey. This meant many services were delayed in departing from Lynn back to Lowestoft and Y6 left at 11.25, Y7 (37160) at 12.09, L8 (37579) at 12.28 and Y9 at 12.39. these were 23, 37, 26 and 7 minutes late respectively.
20121 did K3 as usual, but it was late into Lynn for the 16.15 Peterborough, being spied at the Southgates at 16.21. A B9 departed Vancouver Avenue for the bus station at 16.17, so it may have replaced the B10M. 37570 was back in action on K4 today and there were further swaps to facilitate servicing and Volvo work. K5 began with 37577 which came off at 10.30 for 37572 off a service to go forward at 10.32 from Lynn to Lowestoft. K17 had 37573 removed at 13.45 for 37578 to work forward to Peterborough.
Tonight 37573 was after many months having its torn Easyjet advert replaced by one for the new movie 'Burke & Hare' and this should also oust most of those for 'Piranha'.
Thanks to James for today's pictures and the book he recently produced, together with Syd Eade is reviewed in 'Bus & Coach Preservation' magazine on sale now. The book has had healthy sales, so congrats from all of us.
Now the next blog will be on Sunday when I try to make head or tail of what has gone on over the next few days, as I am away until Saturday evening. Your sightings will be valued, especially on Friday when my regular buddy, Bruce is having an awayday with another blog regular. This is a good opportunity to thank all our regular contributors, please keep up the good work.

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