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Monday 18th October 2010 ~ Traffic Traumas

Traffic into King's Lynn was pretty abysmal this morning and although the bulk of it had thinned out by 10.30, the damage to the X1 service had already been done. As so often happens, the first through service from the coast, Y6, was little affected and this ran near to time with 37572. After this though, things began to worsen . Y7 with 37578 was 15 late passing Bruce at Walpole, but this had been cut to just 9 mins when it passed me at Wisbech. L8 was 37574 and this was 31 late at Walpole having been well late arriving at Lynn from the East. Next was Y9 and 37573 seen arriving at the South Gates at 09.53 (about 20 late) and this was passing Bruce at 10.37, 34 late. L10 had 37563 16 late into Lynn and this then worked forward in the times of L11 at 10.45 to Peterborough. Ironically, L11 itself was on time with 'The Beast', but the powers that be saw it removed to the centre of Lynn bus station and it then returned east as L8 at 12.02, leaving 37574 to become Y9, 37573 L10 and 37563 L11. This then meant that L12 with 37567 could continue throughout with the timetable back to normal.
Repairs to 20121 saw it work K5 today for a change. Illegally parked cars on Nene Quay caused problems for L10 20.22 Wisbech to Peterborough tonight, but some careful driving meant 37573 got through in one piece.
37577 was undergoing modifications today and was given a test run about 16.00 after attention to its gearbox and ecu.

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