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Tuesday October 19th 2010 ~ 97303 + 97301

Err Wot ? Ah 97303 + 97301 which - apparently were Class 37s in a former life were spotted at King's Lynn station this morning by an eagle eyed X1 driver. So I suppose it does count for the blog then, being as they were seen from an X1, and not any old X1 either, The Beast no less which was entertaining all and sundry on Y9 06.45 Gorleston to Peterborough. I could have sworn the driver made a cheery wave toward the X1 blog hq too when leaving Wisbech. Being on Y9 meant it was in King's Lynn bus station at the same time as 20121 which was heading east and back on K3 today.
Timekeeping was commendable today. K2 was somehow 10 late this morning when passing Walton Highway en route to Lowestoft with 37574, but by this evening it was a minute early. 37573 on K16 took the Town Bridge and Freedom Bridge route returning east through Wisbech at just before 15.30.
Bruce enjoyed a trip 'in luxury' as he puts it, from Walpole Highway to Lynn with 20107 at lunchtime and saw 37158 & 37160 on local town work, while 37563 was kept in at Vancouver Avenue for modifications it would seem. Michael Bryant saw 37565 on the 14.38 Lowestoft to Beccles X2 this afternoon. Des reports delays in Yarmouth at teatime : "North Quay is closed Northbound, being resurfaced, all traffic (Yarmouth Races!!) goes via Northgate Street and through Yarmouth town centre.". He adds "With 37579 on L12 14.20 Lynn to Lowestoft today, an onboard passenger rang the bell to alight at Newmarket Road Interchange. I stopped and one passenger boarded and asked if I went to St Stephens. I said bus station. He offered me a fare. I keyed stage 24 to stage 24, fare came up as 0.00 and would not issue a ticket. The passenger rode for the fare on the machine. Dereham and Wisbech have internal fares. Keying in the fare stage of 18 to 18 or 4 to 4 will come up with a cross town fare. Someone must have forgotten to load the wayfarer with an internal Norwich fare".

A glimpse of 'The Beast' and Des taken from the X1 blog HQ this morning and just look at the number of passengers enjoying the experience !

20107 rests briefly at Queensgate before heading back east.

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Robert Brooks said...

Last year i went Wisbech - Dereham for the MNR Gala (had to bag my namesake 60059 for haulage) and was able to get a return from the driver with no problem.