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Friday 29th October 2010 ~ Angie Stranded !

Angie sent me a text this afternoon, demanding to know why she and Mick had been standing for almost an hour at Queensgate awaiting the 13.05 X1 back to Wisbech (Y13). Now I confess, this came as a bit of a surprise, as in fact up to this point, the service had run very well. 37569 on Y13 was the first service to be delayed and was viewed via webcam approaching the Southgates roundabout at 11.49 (about 16 late). Whether it went any further than Lynn seems unlikely, as Bruce who was working outside his bungalow didn't see it go by either. It looks pretty much as if K14 was then considerably late with 37564, so may be that was what conveyed Angie back home ? I will enquire of her. I did see K15 with 37578 and it was just 7 late from Wisbech and the rest of the afternoon was exceptionally punctual for a Friday.
Earlier, services were also running fairly well to time, although K5 which had 20121 was 18 late passing Bruce where it had been due at 10.05 eastbound.
The warranty modifications to the B9s are continuing and 37567 was (when I last saw the details) the only one not to have had any of the dozen or so mods required carried out. Because of this, it was taken off L10 today for this purpose (37160 was its replacement), however, it was pretty soon back in service and appears to have taken Y13 (see above) at 14.32 from Lynn to Lowestoft. 37569 which had started on this turn then replaced 37156 on K16. This was the second day in a row that 156 had been removed from an X1, so it could be playing up. It was 19 late returning from Peterborough according to Bruce.
A final swap occurred this evening with 37579 being taken off L8 for servicing and 37570 off the previous terminating turn , Y7, going forward.

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