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Thursday 21st October 2010 ~ Sorting Things Out

After the events of yesterday, I had a lot of sorting out to do today, however, Bruce & Co came to my rescue and provided a detailed sightings log. Punctuality was good today, but there was quite a bit of swapping buses. 60863 which was at Lynn was provided for K16, but in a sensible move, it was removed at Yarmouth and replaced by 'The Beast'. This was spare there following the return to service of 37572 which worked Y13.
 37568 which spent yesterday at Lynn for modifications was back on the road this afternoon when it was seen on K19, a turn which had begun the day with 37578 and which was removed for servicing.
This evening was quite eventful, with 37567 needing fitters attention on L10 in the Dereham area. With nothing having arrived by 20.30 (it is due to depart at 19.50 to Peterborough), it was arranged to take 37579 off Y6 20.27 arrival from P'bo and turn it round to form a late L10. Y6 then went forward to Lowestoft at 20.35 with 37563 which had come in on Y9. The reason for this complication was to enable 579 to end up at Lynn and 563 at Lowestoft. 37567 did make it to Lynn and was noted 'not in service' on Hardwick Road at 20.45 heading for the garage. One other side effect was that 37564 on L12 20.50 to Peterborough was terminated at Lynn, it being assumed that any westbound passemgers had caught 37579 when it left at 20.37 on L10. In addition to all this, 37570 on Y7 arrived at Lynn with a hole in the front windscreen and Draytons were attending it by 20.30. L8 had a vehicle swap too, with 37566 this morning which was taken off for servicing this afternoon and replaced by 37156. The latter had earlier worked the 10.38 Lowestoft - Norwich X2 and was reported by Michael B. He also says that 34108 was engaged on a Bernard Matthews contract this afternoon. Back on the X1, 20121 was on its usual turn and this meant it was at Lynn at the same time as 20107 - Des kindly took a picture of Lynn driver Jim who was ready to take 121 this afternoon. The punters look a little confused !
20121 with 20107 behind and just visible one of those Gemini things ! DS
Des says, 37565 is due for MOT at Beccles on Tuesday and is currently at Yarmouth on prep. He also makes mention of additional delays today caused by automated temporary lights at West Bilney and Thorney Toll.

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