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Saturday 30th October 2010 ~ Open All Hours

At last today, Nene Quay in Wisbech reopened to eastbound traffic following strengthening of the flood defences near Town Bridge. Cheryl says it was a topic of conversation in the pub last night and warns that I shouldn't get too excited, as the plan is that the same section of road will be closed once again for further work commencing in January. Apparently councillors are unhappy with the structure which resembles a miniature 'Berlin Wall' (well we all know what happened to that !) and as a token gesture it has been agreed that the wall will be painted with fake brickwork to minimise the eyesore.
To today then and at last a chance for me to monitor services in both directions. A better day could not have been wished for and services ran nicely to time throughout. 20121 remained spare at Lynn, but L12 turned up with 20107. This should mean it runs light to Yarmouth with possible use tomorrow and on Monday. This was all the more surprising as 37563 & 37564 were both at Lowestoft. Surely one of them will oust 'The Beast' ?
K1 had a change of vehicle at King's Lynn at 15.15 with 37568 being deemed unfit to continue owing to defective CCTV and freshly serviced 37579 came up from Lynn garage to take over.
Since midweek two new advertising campaigns have been evident on the fleet, the movies 'Skyline' and 'Let Me In' being the latest additions.

37576 heading east on K2 07.35 Peterborough to Lowestoft this morning
  37571 is still running without an offside advert because the necessary fitting stud is still missing, but it continues to regularly work K17, today being no exception.

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Des Speed said...

It was so warm today, even on a late shift I drove (without demisters running) in my shirtsleeves !!
It was the usual Saturday night Dereham crowd to Norwich. Young (and not so young) men board to revel in Norwich. It's not apparent when they board, but most have some sort of bottle about their attire. This becomes apparent when they have all left the bus in Norwich, the bus pulls away and many bottles fall to the floor from where they were left on the seats. It's always amazes me how such items rolling about upstairs, always seem to find the stairs and come clattering down!