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Saturday 23rd October 2010 ~ One Good Turn Deserves Another

Against a stormy sky and shortly before a heavy shower, 20126 is seen at Walpole Highway at just after 14.35 today.
 Yesterday we related how L10 with 'The Beast' (20107) made up time and this was all the more surprising, as it was expected to be taken off at Lowestoft for servicing. As it completed the turn, it ended up overnight at King's Lynn. It was sent out this morning on K18, but, was removed at Lowestoft for its belated service and the 10.55 to Peterborough then departed with 20126 which had been especially sent over from Yarmouth. Michael Bryant espied 37563 over the pits at Gasworks Road yesterday, but this was clearly still unfit for service, hence 126 being sent for, there being no other tacho fitted vehicles available.
K5 with 37578 hit a bird on route this morning which completely smashed the drivers windscreen and 37158 replaced it. This created a shortage on Lynn locals, so 20121 was provided and was used instead of the B7. For a Saturday, timekeeping was quite good today. The turns originating at the coast today were Y6 37564, Y7 37571 (this ended up at Yarmouth last night due to Friday's disruption), L8 37573, L9 37567, Y10 37569 (thanks to Cheryl for reporting this one), L11 37160, L12 37579 and Y13 37157.
For you motorists, Des says "On Thursday I omitted to state that petrol in Lowestoft had increased by 1p so:-TESCO PETROL PRICE WATCH, Hardwick = 117.9 per litre - Lowestoft = 114.9 per litre".
Shocking discrimination for us over here in the Fens !

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Des Speed said...

That is one amazing picture.....
I wish my camera worked like that for me???