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Just a Reminder .......

...... of how it used to be not that very long ago ! Pictures by kind permission of Grahame Bessey.

Here is 20106 which was a very late addition to the X1 fleet. It is seen ready to work from Norwich to Cambridge on the short lived X4 service. 20106 now languishes in the condemned corner at Rowan Road, King's Lynn. It last worked on 2nd January 2010

Now who (apart from possibly disabled people) wouldn't relish a journey to the very pleasant seaside resort of Sheringham in B10M 20109 ? This was still possible when Grahame took this picture of her in April 2006. Subsequently 109 received a repaint, losing in the process, the Excel branding on the front. King's Lynn also fitted her with a new front registration plate to replace the rusting one shown here and until transfer to the driver training squad, was an X1 regular. She last worked in service on the X1 on July 3rd  2010.

Here's my favourite B12 Paragon, 20505 departing Norwich for Lowestoft in April 2006. The comfort provided by these fine coaches is now sadly lacking from the route

and finally ....It took me ages to get a picture of 20101 on the X1, although in the early days of the service it did occasionally appear. Grahame snapped it on its regular haunt, the X2 in 2006. It was rarely used on the X1 in its latter days, although for the life of me I can't remember why. Maybe someone reading this can recall the reason. 20101 broke down on 13/8/07 and never worked again. After much cannibalisation for spares, it left Lowestoft for the scrapyard on 30th March 2009.

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