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Monday October 25th 2010 ~ Doing The Shuffle

Last night 37570 was positioned over the inspection pits at King's Lynn as it was due a service, however, a quick count up of vehicles this morning saw it pressed into service on K15. This it did to Lowestoft and back before it was replaced by 37578 which had meanwhile been fitted with a new windscreen. 37570 was then serviced before being called upon again later when it replaced 37567 on the 17.45 to Peterborough and 19.10 thence to Lowestoft.
With a shiny new windscreen 37578 heads past Walpole on K15, running around 20 late at lunchtime because of the closure of London Road in Lynn.

Another swap tonight involved L10 which had 37564 taken off and 37571 off Y9 then did the final leg at 19.50 to Peterborough and back. Why 37564/7 were unable to complete their turns is not known.
After a quiet start to the day, things went awry at lunchtime when a two vehicle collision shut London Road in King's Lynn with X1 services being diverted via Tennyson Avenue. L11 was one of the worst affected services, due off Lynn for Lowestoft at 13.32, it passed the South Gates Roundabout at 14.03.

Andy James captured 37563 queueing out of Lynn near Dodman's Bridge on Gaywood Road during today's unscheduled diversion.
Michael Bryant saw 20107 at Gasworks Road depot today undergoing servicing and 37156 was out early being seen on the 09.40 Norwich to Lowestoft X2. Later, 37156 resumed X1 duties replacing 37566 for the 13.25 to Peterborough (K4).
20121 continued its good work on K3 and 20126 worked K14 ending up at Lowestoft tonight. Thanks very much to Andy James, Bruce and Cheryl for sightings today.
Des says "37577 - Y9 09:45 King's Lynn > Peterborough - 'ticking' all the way, something in front n/s tyre. At Thorney, from garden centre to guest house on A47, very thick mud on the road, I and a few other drivers lost traction  just after the garden centre before the A47 roundabout. As I was making good time and the traffic was light, I thought I would route into Peterborough via A1139 to check up on roadworks at the A15 roundabout. Still far from finished, so as the Christmas shoppers start coming out, it may be holdups on the Boulevard!!! Continuing with 37577 on the 11.05 from Peterborough,  5 late at Wisbech due to Weasenham Lane diversion, 6 late at Lynn. 37575 L12  14:02 Lynn to Low (me off at Yar) - 3 late leaving Lynn, on time by Swaffham. Roadworks in Toftwood, I was lucky and sailed straight through. 37563 in front (XL17) left Norwich as I arrived". XL17 = L11 in my speak. There seem to be a couple of different designations for each turn on the official front. My K14 for example is known at KL7101 and XL01, but confusingly K15 is KL7104 and XL02.

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