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Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th October 2010 ~ The Highlights

It is heartening to know that several people seem to have actually missed reading the blog since my last entry, so it's time now to catch up with things. I'll try and be brief so as not to make it too hard work to read.
Wednesday : DS says  "At Lowestoft this afternoon and  37569 arrived 'Not In Service' at 17:18, driver left the vehicle to cash in and then took the Lowestoft day cleaner to the garage at 17:25". 569 had been having a service today and its place was taken on the X1 by yesterday's serviced vehicle, 37157.
On the coach front 20121was impeccably behaved again on K3, it was viewed by Marcus who says "Passed 20121 on K3 in Thorney again today. Only difference was the destination - X1 Lowestoft via Beccles !!!". Unfortunately 20126 suffered another setback today. Des continues "Poor old 20126 expired outside East Norfolk Six Form College at 16:10 (Just about to leave on service 878 to Ber Apton etc.). It looked to me as if one of the fuel tank straps was hanging loose.She was suspension towed from site at 18:35". Warranty work kept 37572/8 off the road at Lynn.
Thursday : 37567/8 both needed servicing at Lowestoft today, so 20107 was called upon to work L11. K2 had 37158 changed for 37572 at some point. 37567 was noted by Des on the 17.10 X2 from Norwich to Lowestoft, but it is thought to have worked the last leg of K17 instead of 37574. Cheryl sent in a raft of observations which were very useful and timekeeping was very good. She missed K16 which she thinks took the Churchill Road route from Wisbech hence her not seeing it.
Friday : A normal start gave way to the usual kind of Friday timekeeping with, for example, 37569 starting the day on Y6 and by the evening it was on L8 having lost an hour somewhere during the day. 'The Beast' was sent home to Lowestoft on K2. Cheryl once again helped out and saw 37156 14 late on Y9 10.18 Wisbech to Peterborough and later L11, L12, K19 and K1 all running slightly late. 20121 had a rare day off as it was required at Norwich for a private hire job.
Saturday : Poor punctuality seems to have hit the service again. Peter says "K15 was 50 late from Peterborough this afternoon" and adds, "Doreen said she went for the 1118 from Wisbech to Peterborough but caught the 1048 (Y10) running 15 late (didn't get the number). At Thorney the lady driver said she was having a problem with the gearbox so kicked everyone off and onto the next service. 'You need to tell Gerard that nobody will use the X1 unless they soon sort it out - why are they so unreliable on Saturdays?' says Doreen".
Oh dear, now I'm being held personally responsible, even though I was at some remote spot in the Yorkshire Dales at the time. I don't know which bus was involved, but by the end of the day 37566 was working the turn and I think 37564 may  have been the culprit.  What we do know for sure, is that K16 changed vehicles. Michael Bryant viewed 37156 heading east at Norwich, but this was swapped at Lowestoft for 20107, later viewed by Bruce and Rob H. K3 had 37577 on Friday and Saturday instead of 20121 which was away.
Sunday : 37158 was standing in for a B9 today, it formed the 20.42 arrival at Lynn tonight and retired to the garage as booked. 20121 returned to Lynn from Norwich with a panel missing which Tim at the garage was none too pleased about.

37569 has at long last received a replacement for its Easy Jet advert. In fact, almost all the Geminis are now carrying the 'Burke & Hare' ad. 569 still has the narrow font route.displays

37570 also has the narrow font display in common with 37564/9/77/9. It is seen passing Walpole Highway this afternoon.

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