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Friday 15th July 2011 ~ X1 Forgotten

I had a day off today and with loads of pressing business, I decided to forget the X1 and get on with completing some of it. Jamie R was the first to report anything, "I've just seen Blondie on 569 he said" at lunchtime, Ah I thought, that must be L12 then and so, when viewed this evening, it proved to be.
Ros & Neil took my brother to hospital again today and managed a small X1 count en route of 37570 on L8 and 37574 on L11. Michael Bryant called this evening and added "37156 on the 11.08 X2". Finally Malcolm emailed to say "I saw 37158 depart from Lowestoft on K16,  37571 worked K17 & 37160 arrived 9 minutes late on K18".
So, with some shopping to do at the supermarket, I ventured out tonight and whilst out did a bit of research on what else happened today. Amazingly (after yesterday), there didn't seem to be any swaps and there was still enough vehicles available to give 37578 a complete day off at Lynn for servicing.
20352 was back on K3 after its late night adventure yesterday.

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