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Wednesday 27th July 2011 ~ Eastern Events

Mid morning once again seemed to be the time when services through Wisbech began to get delayed. L10 ran out of its path for the second consecutive day and was 13 late on the 10.48 Wisbech to Peterborough. It then in common with most other eastbound services lost time and returned 20 late. K16 with 37159 was 11 late to Peterborough, but surprisingly only 2 late coming back. At Lowestoft Y7 with 37158 was 11 late in, but on time departing back westbound, thanks to Malcolm for the info.

37577 is back at King's Lynn having had its repairs completed and it is also believed to have visited Volvo to have the gearbox modification sorted. It did not re-enter traffic today and may need other attention.
20352 had a battery light issue today, so 37575 did K3. Later 37567 was required at Volvo for the gearbox programme and it came off K2 in favour of 20352, meaning it will be at Lowestoft overnight which is highly unusual. Hot runner 37156 was kept in at Lynn today in an attempt to resolve its long running problem.
Syd says "After a busy day on X1s, 37563 off K14 found itself on Lowestoft evening services with a visit to Carlton Colville on service 103.  I believe this is another first for the Elephants - the cause was a failure of the allocated Dart SLF coinciding with the advert men working at Gasworks Road preventing anything else being extricated in a hurry. James managed to get this photo at the Secrets Corner terminus.

Even Harry Potter couldn't have thought this one up ! 37563 'off route' on service 103 tonight.
Photo by kind permission of James Race.

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