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Sunday July 10th 2011 ~ The Two Hour Gap

For a long time now there has been a two hour break between buses from Lynn to Peterborough on a Sunday evening, there being a 19.50 departure, but no 20.50. Typical then that when a rare breakdown occurred tonight, it was 37574 on the 19.50, a broken water pump belt causing it to overheat at Thorney. A fitter attended and 574 was soon back on its turn.
37576 on the 14.50 King's Lynn to Peterborough passing Walpole Highway today.

Unusual today was King's Lynn producing B7 37157 on K6, the first B7 off Lynn on a Sunday since Novenber 28th last year. they do occasionally appear on services originating at Yarmouth though and today L10 also used one, 37158 which was required at Lynn for servicing, so may be a special request.
37157 was also seen by Malcolm working the afternoon duty to Martham.
Des Speed says "I'm using up some holiday, but did a turn for a friend today.  37571 was in my charge on the 15.30 Yarmouth to King's Lynn departing on time.  Entering Narborough in hazy sunshine, by Narborough Church, there was lightning and heavy rain. The A47 was saturated with rain water, traffic down to 25 mph. Arrived Lynn 6 late at 17.50. I returned with 37578 at 19.35 from Lynn to Lowestoft and then went light back to Yarmouth, all on time. Incidentally 37578 should be Y6, the first out of Yarmouth on Monday and would have attained half million km's entering Hockering at 06.45 !

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