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Tuesday 19th July 2011 ~ 352 On The Loose

Undoubted highlight today was B7 Profile 20352 being unusually allocated to K18. This turn commences empty from Lynn to Wisbech before working the 06.51 Wisbech to Lowestoft. The turn ends as the 15.35 Peterborough - Great Yarmouth where the bus berths overnight.
37564 was returned from Volvo in time to do K19 this morning and 37572 was sent back to Norwich for attention. 37570 was in trouble on K2 at Necton, but a replacement hose was fitted and it resumed the turn. No delays in excess of 9 minutes were noted and punctuality was quite good.
Another hospital visit tonight saw various X1 sightings en route, I'm getting quite an A47 regular now. My sister is intrigued by the bumpy road warning sign on the Lynn side of East Winch as someone has stuck a fluorescent camel sticker on top of one of the humps. I suppose it is near Middleton where sand is quarried, but you can hardly class it as the desert ! On the way to Norwich we were stuck behind slow moving farm machinery from near the Sporle turn all the way to Fransham and incidents like this much have a derogatory affect on X1 timekeeping.

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