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Friday July 8th 2011 ~ Mystery Coach

With 20352 out of service awaiting materials today, all the Geminis appeared on the X1 save 37159 which was relegated to Lowestoft schools contract 7 and 37577 still at Full Circle.
On Wednesday I reported 37564 going westbound and then a long gap until the next service and precisely the same happened today, 37564 a minute early on Y9 10.18 Wisbech to Peterborough was followed eventually by L10 with 37567 - wedged of course - at 11.24, 34 late. There had been an accident at Blofield which may account for this. L11 was viewed with 37578 passing the Southgates westbound at 11.12 (22 late) and I think this went directly to Peterborough to make up time.
Many services in the afternoon ran around 10 minutes late - about average for a Friday, but 37573 on K17 was 18 late returning from Peterborough. Y7 was viewed by Malcolm with 37156 arriving 11 late at Lowestoft, but at least it was behaving - or so it would appear.
A maintenance swap on Y13 saw 37579 exchanged for 37569 on the 11.45 King's Lynn to Peterborough and late tonight, 37570 was replaced by 37576 off K2 for K19's last leg from Lowestoft, the final westbound service from the coast.
Tonight a mystery B10M coach was viewed by Rob Brooks in Shoebridges Yard at Wisbech. It was in Excel livery, but identification was not possible. I wonder how it got there ?

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