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Sunday 24th July 2011 ~ Debacle at Acle

Malcolm writes "I went to Lowestoft bus station this afternoon and saw 37573 work K5, 37565 arrived on K6 and this then worked the 15.10 service 1A to Martham as usual".
Des adds "37578 was my bus on the 16.30 Great Yarmouth to Peterborough (Y7), we were on time departing but 4 late at Norwich (16.14). Arrival at Lynn was also 4 late at 18.48.
I returned with K5 which was 37573 at 20.35 from Lynn to Lowestoft and then light to Yarmouth, on time throughout. The 19.48 ex Lowestoft (K1 with 37568) was 30 late west of Easton and the following 20.48 (K2 with 37572) was 7 late at Norwich, all due to an A47 accident in which two cars  had been in a collision on the nearside verge of the  Acle Straight eastbound. They were wrapped in police tape and fuel on the road was being soaked up. Speaking of fuel, latest prices are :-

136.9 Tesco Lynn
132.9 Sainsburys Easton
131.9 Sainsburys Norwich
134.9 Tesco Lowestoft

Well all I can add to that is that there were two B7s out today, 37158 had been requested back at Lynn for examination, so this did the Lowestoft chuck out turn, L10. 37159 was on Y8 and the other buses out today were : K3 37567, K4 37571 and Y9 37570.

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