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Saturday 9th July 2011 ~ Working Saturday

I was at work today and was able to view a fully working X1 service too. I think everything ran roughly to time through Wisbech bar the B7 mentioned below and the only mystery was how 37564 on K3 became K4 and K4s original vehicle, 37567 went on to K3. In theory not possible, but with the X1 who knows ?
37156 was sidelined at King's Lynn today following another overheating episode. I suppose with these B7s being operated to their maximum speed for long periods, they probably are likely to do this. Especially, as is currently the case with 37156/7/8, when the fans appear to get stuck creating that loud racket which you may be familiar with. Today 37157 was 9 late from Wisbech on the 12.18 to Peterborough (Y13), but by the time it came back, the delay had increased to 22 minutes.
Syd says "As you are no doubt aware, it was the Lord Mayors thing in Norwich, and many central area roads closed from 1500hrs causing mayhem. Most City services ran via the Bus Station making it like Central London...buses everywhere.
I arrived at the bus station at 1600 to get a few photos and catch an X1 back to Lowestoft. No sign though of the 1620 to Lowestoft, Y13. The first to appear was 37160 on Y7 departing just 3 minutes down on the 1625 to Kings Lynn. My photo shows her making a right turn out of the bus station for the long detour to get back on route.
After this it went a bit confusing. 37157 (seen below)  arrived showing X1 Norwich at 1635, dropped off passengers and went off light. (That explains a lot Syd, read on)
  37573 was next to appear and left full to the rafters at 1710 to Lowestoft...was this a late running K14?   (Certainly was Syd) Next in was 37570 showing ‘Not In Service’ which was changed to X1 Kings Lynn and it went on the stand at 1715 (that was L9, so where did 37565 on L8 get to I wonder ?). I then left for home via the much more sparsely patronised and only slightly late 1710 X2.
I am sure you can fit my jigsaw of observations together!"

Well this does explain how 37157 still came to be on Y13 tonight Syd - a crafty empty to Lowestoft to form the 17.48 to Peterborough ! On Saturdays, Y13 is the week's quickest turn around as it only comes in to Lowestoft 8 minutes before it departs back westbound. Here's our final picture and yes, it's 37157 again, taken tonight after a torrential storm, the passengers on Y13 are being treated to a diversion into King's Lynn garage for 157 to refuel. The service departed here at 21.03, about 8 minutes late.

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