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Friday 22nd July 2011 ~ A Record ?

I think some kind of record may have been established, as it is now 5 weeks since a B10M Volvo coach appeared on the X1, not that there are many that could work ! Only 20115 & 20126 could potentially be used and whilst mentioning B10Ms, 20129 was carted off to Erith Commercials for scrap this week along with various Triaxle Olympians from Great Yarmouth. One of these remains earmarked for a private owner.
20352 it is then that keeps any vague interest going. Today she was working K3 as usual. By all accounts it was a pretty good day for a Friday - several services ran 9 minutes late, but the only one to exceed this at the western end was 37156 (again) which was 8 x 11 late at Wisbech,  going to and from Peterborough on L11. Over at Lowestoft though there were greater delays and Malcolm Hicks reports Y6 with 37563 arriving 16 late, followed by 37570 14 late on Y7. Things improved considerably after this with 37565 on L8 arriving on tiime. Michael Bryant spotted an X2 (the 12.38 I think it was) with 37158 earning its keep.
Tonight 37576 was in trouble with an adblu problem and it was taken off K2 with 37570 off Y7 then working the 18.35 Lynn to Lowestoft.
All proposed alterations to the X1 route, most notably the route being split, have now been shelved and the powers that be are on guard for the arrival in King's Lynn of Konectbus from September.

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