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Tuesday 26th July 2011 ~ Priority Moments

A new nearside advertising campaign for O2 Priority Moments manifested itself overnight, 37564/7/8 and 37157 all appeared with this today. Timekeeping was strange, everything ran well until L10 which with 37567 somehow passed through Wisbech westbound 17 late and it was still 16 late returning.
K14 with 37569 was 11 late at lunchtime, but otherwise not too bad a day.
37564 on L8 required servicing today, so it was slipped off at Lynn at midday and replaced by a B7. This may have been 37156 which was fited with a new water pump, but by this evening 37158 had taken over and 37156 was languishing back at Vancouver Avenue with yet another question mark over its constant overheating. Certainly Malcolm says 37156 was seen at Lowestoft on L8, so we know it worked part of the turn.
K3 was 20352, but the return of 37577 is now imminent.

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