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Monday 25th July 2011 ~ On The Ball

With maintenance of the X1 fleet now concentrated at King's Lynn, the service sems to be enjoying a more stable spell. 37158 was stopped at Lynn for servicing today, but the other vehicle due for attention, 37564 was held at Lowestoft and did the 11.08 and 14.38 X2 services to Norwich. This would normally mean that tomorrow 37159 & 37563 would need servicing along with 37564, but thinking ahead, 37563 was stopped a day early and was dealt with today and was still ready in time to operate K4.
There were no swaps today, 20352 was as usual on K3 and 37576 returned from Volvo after very speedy repairs. 37572 was in trouble on K1 this morning needing a new starter to be fitted after being shut down at Lynn prior to working the 08.32 to Lowestoft. It is not known if the service was temporarily cancelled or whether a substitute was found.
Timekeeping showed room for improvement today, with many services being 7 to 8 minutes late in the morning before timings rallied in the afternoon.

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