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Monday 18th July 2011 ~ 568 and The Routemaster

With 37568 undergoing MOT preparation work this week, it came as a surprise today when none other than Routemaster JJD480D  turned up at King's Lynn requiring the same treatment. Can't see it getting out on the X1  though !!
With fleet number 39480, RML 2480 dates to 1966 and now seems assured of another year operating with First Eastern at Great Yarmouth.
On the X1 things were fairly stable today with 20352 being on K3 as usual. This evening it became embroiled in a huge traffic jam which brought Wisbech to a temporary standstill after an early afternoon fatal crash on the Wisbech bypass. This caused all traffic to be diverted through the town and tragically claimed the life of Roger Green, a well known character / councillor and one time editor of the 'Wisbech Standard'.
Timekeeping was average today with nothing seemingly exceeding 8 minutes in arrears, K15 with 37572 and K19 with 37566 both being delayed by this margin. The only available spare bus today was 37156 at Lowestoft, so it was fortunate that nothing was needed at Lynn and the day looks to have been completed without any changes to diagram.
 A possible glitch occurred this morning with L10. This should go from Wisbech to Peterborough at 10.48, but, despite a pretty vigilant watch, I didn't see it go westbound. Returning it was just 2 late which may indicate that a Lynn to Peterborough 'not in service' run took place on the outward.

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Anonymous said...

get a pic of rml for us matey its ment to be repainted isnt it :) 20129 has gone to erith along with all remaining tri axels except 30097 which is sold to sum1