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Friday 21st January 2011 ~ Clock Watching

Friday is always notorious for delays and today was quite incredible as there simply didn't seem to be any ! Here is my log of services seen passing X1 blog HQ heading for Peterborough today. They are due past me at 20 & 50 minutes past the hour.
Y7 37567 09.18.45
L8 37156  09.49.45
Y9 37566 10.21
L10 37568 10.50
L11 37159 11.20
L12 20107 11.52.45
Y13 37572 12.21.30
K14 37157 12.52
K15 37573 13.28
K17 37571 14.21.30
K18 37578 14.50.45
K19 37574 15.24
K2 37576 16.20.15
K3 37577 16.54.30
With the exception of K15, everything as can be seen, was virtually running to timetable. Buses absent today were 37563, seen by Michael B on the 13.38 X2 from Lowestoft, 37565 Lowestoft servicing, 37579 King's Lynn VA repairs and 37160 King's Lynn town services.
37156 made a reappearance today after a weeks absence and sounded a bit ropey. The Beast did L12 as it had done on Monday and Wednesday this week.
On the shuttles Des had a mixed day, 34114 was due to operate the short X1, 09.00 Gorleston JPH to Norwich, but had alternator problems on the first part of its operation.  34114 returned to the depot and it was replaced by 34186, so only operated at 09.27 from Yarmouth to Norwich & 10.10 Norwich  to Yarmouth.

Later 20126 was used on the Norwich to Gorleston with no working demisters or interior heating, so it was  very cold and had a very misted up windscreen. If I hadn't have agreed to drive it, then the service would not have operated!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh so that's where that Bristol Bus ended up!