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Tuesday 18th January 2011 ~ What Next ?

The decison has now been made regarding the future of the X1 and it seems certain that from March, the route will indeed be split. More news as we get it - I try and avoid rumours where possible The late night loadings in the west are very poor and it seems likely that at least one of the late services from Peterborough will be cut. Already there is no 22.10 from Peterborough on Sundays.
Back to today then and 20107 was despatched back to Lowestoft on K14. 37563 off Y7 did a quick change at King's Lynn tonight onto Y6 20.35 to Lowestoft, leaving 37570 off Y6 to retire to the garage.
Another swap today involved 37576 on K1 which gave way to 37569 which had been unable to start the turn and is still very noisy with the fan fault. The most unusual working of the day though was the use of 37571 on K2 which finishes up at Lowestoft, 571 is still treated with kid gloves by King's Lynn and is almost invariably used on K17. Today this ran with 37579. Three consecutive services from Lowestoft were B7 worked with 37160/158/157 on L10, L11 and L12 respectively. 37160 was 6 late westbound but slightly early coming back which is pretty certain to mean that it missed the rail station.
Punctuality was fair today, but several services ran around 5 late and K19 with 37575 was 10 late to Peterborough this afternoon.

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