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Thursday 27th January 2011 ~ Sent to Coventry

I had to attend my Dear Uncle's funeral in Coventry today which meant my X1 sightings were minimal. For a change I was a passenger rather than driver and when we approached the Cromwell Road roundabout to head for Guyhirn, I thought to myself, (fortunately not out loud) "it's 09.55 so we shouldn't pass any X1s before Guyhirn". Well just as well I didn't say anything wasn't it ? On the bank we firstly passed 37565 - a Lowestoft bus being a give away that this was K4 running 41 late, rather than a slightly delayed K5. Indeed K5 with 37575 was passed a bit further towards Guyhirn running about 13 late. At this point I phoned Bruce who said that K2 had been only 3 late with 37568, but K3 was 37571 47 late . More importantly, he added "I can now go and get some breakfast" ! After this things settled down and Y6 with 37567 was on time in both directions. The reason for the delay, allegedly, was repairing potholes.
A series of coincidences affected K14 today. 20126 was in charge, but on arrival at Lowestoft it had a water leak, so after a visit to Gasworks Road, it was sent empty to Yarmouth, where, as fate would have it, 37160 was spare. This then went empty to Lynn, did a trip to Peterborough and back and was then exchanged for 37566 on which repairs had been completed. This was quite convenient as 37160 is having a chassis wash in the morning prior to prep for its MOT. All this was made possible by the return to service of 37569 which was used on Y13 and which still sounds like a tractor.
K2 which had 37568 this morning saw a change of vehicle (37574 the most likely candidate, or at a long shot 20107). 568 was then seen on the 12.38 X2 from Lowestoft.
Somehow after the morning's ructions, 37565 on K4 ended up on K5 and 37575 reversed roles. Thanks to Bruce and Des for their help today.

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