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Wednesday January 5th 2011 ~ Good Morning !

Peter says "37573 on time on the 08.10 Wisbech to Peterborough (K5), the lady driver greeted me with a genial 'Good Morning' and a smile. After last year's X1 trip to Norwich, I decided to travel in the warm this time - well actually in the cold as far as Peterborough, then in the warm on the train. This also has another advantage as I don't have to worry on the way home after X pints of Adnams !".
I was rather red faced later when Peter asked me about the return 17.40 from Peterborough (K3) which I'd said (from memory) would be 37573. I should have said 37579, but in any case I'd have been wrong because : "Really Gerard, it's 37574 and I'm sure it's the same lady driver as earlier, This is another one with no heat upstairs". Don't suppose it matters after all that beer keeping you glowing Peter :+)
Incidentally, 37579 was removed because of a fault which I think may be to do with the drivers seat.

The 'Beast' was working off King's Lynn today on K1, which finishes at Yarmouth. 37160 on the other hand looked poorly in Vancouver Avenue and Volvo B7TL 30887 did its Lynn local duty this morning. All services seen were within 7 minutes of time today and the majority dead on. 37563 & 37567 were off for attention at Lowestoft today.
Des says "The latest petrol pricewatch from me is 128.9 @ Tesco Lynn, 126.9 @ Sains Norwich. Can't give you Tesco Lowestoft, I'm not going past there this week.

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