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Friday 28th January 2011 ~ K19 : A Blond(i)e Moment

What a lovely day for a trip to Peterborough. This driver looks happy taking 37565 on K16, seen near Walsoken this afternoon.
 Just when you think everything is going well and the Geminis are back in full command, they prove otherwise.
37567 had to be stopped for servicing today and so The Beast re-emerged on L11. 37566 appeared on L12 but didn't last the day being changed for 37568 on the 17.48 out of Lowestoft - an unusual time for a swap to occur, suggesting that 566 was poorly, however, see below. 568 meanwhile had again been used on the X2, this time Michael saw it working the 14.08 to Norwich.
Des adds "Spotted 37567 operating with a Lowestoft driver on Service 881 relief at 08.10 and 37566 going into Norwich on service X2 at 18.49 - Yet 20107 is still put into service!". Maybe the servicing on 567 took place after its trip this morning then and perhaps 566 was OK after all, but one wonders why the swap with 568 took place. I expect 566 is also due for servicing, but the Lowestoft servicing schedule is a mystery only known to themselves, unlike the Lynn one which is strictly adhered to.

This afternoon K19 had a spot of bother at Wisbech, 37578 having sustained a water leak. It was seen by Bruce 'not in service' in the bus station at 15.40 with its lady driver awaiting assistance. This soon arrived in the shape of freshly serviced 37571, explained by the fact that there was nothing else available. Timekeeping was Ok for a Friday, with the only delay of note this afternoon being 37576 on K17 which was 14 late. Ooh nearly forgot, K15 had probs too with a ticket machine farce on 37573, as a result it didn't run at 12.45 from Lynn to Peterborough and that explains the heavy load on K16 with Des (for it was he !). 37573 went empty to Peterborough to form the 14.05 eastbound.

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