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Sunday 2nd January 2011 ~ Back On The Road

A gentle start to the New Year, although I did notice that yesterday morning at 10.30 am prospective passengers were waiting at Walton Highway and Walpole Highway for services which were not running.

37564 working the 09.30 Yarmouth - Peterborough service near Walpole today

The B9s in service today were 37563/4/6/9 and 37571/4/7/8/9. The middle turn from Yarmouth was 37157. A rather unusual advertising campaign was seen on 37577 advertising Nescafe coffee under the banner 'Bursting with Antioxidants'. On the other side is now a new advert for Easy Jet, all previous campaigns for the airline having been removed some time ago. These ads were fitted at Lowestoft on New Year's Eve. Maximum delay noted today was a mere 6 minutes by 37157.

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