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Monday January 17th 2011 ~ A Day of Leisure

Should we apologise for yet another beastly picture ? Of course not. Rob Brooks captured the machine at Wisbech this lunchtime about to depart at 13.26 to Lowestoft.
 I was off work today, so Bruce kept a log of sightings and I had more help from Rob Brooks. There was no 20115 to entertain us and a bit of manouevreing saw 37568 revived to work Y7 and 37575 sent from Yarmouth to Lowestoft to cover L10, presumably 20115 went light in the other direction ?
Lowestoft remained short however and with 37156 thankfully off the road, The Beast was sent out on L12 instead. At least it stands more chance of completing its turn than the much newer pedalcar !
37159, still half shorn of its advert worked K18, but was replaced this afternoon by freshly serviced 37570. The man who does arrived this evening and fitted 37159 and several other Geminis with a nice new advert for milk. Surely they shouldn't need to advertise milk - or are we not drinking enough tea these days ?
A maintenance swap occurred at Lowestoft with 37569 doing the second leg of Y9 in place of 37564.

37576 on the Horsefair roundabout at Wisbech with K15 13.18 to Peterborough today. Photo : Rob Brooks.

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