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Thursday 20th January 2011 ~ Diversions and changes

We briefly mentioned the forthcoming changes to the route on Tuesday and today Stephen contacted me about just that. He says "Left Lowestoft this morning on 37575 at 08.15 (Y13), there was an accident on the A47 between Acle and Norwich, so we diverted via South Walsham, Panxworth and Thorpe End. We still left Surrey Street only ten down, it appeared that we had overtaken the service in front of us as well.
On returning I noticed at Surrey Street that 37158 came in with SNIS on the front and promptly left empty, we carried on towards Lowestoft and met 37571 near the Colmans factory coming into Norwich also with SNIS I assumed he took over that service.
A guy on the bus told me that after March 27th when I go from Lowestoft to Lynn I will need to change at Dereham, true or false? He seemed to be well informed as after that date he told me that there will be no X1 drivers on Great Yarmouth, and that they are to be transferred to Lowestoft at £46 less per week. You can imagine they're not happy".
Interesting Stephen, it sounds like your man was an employee then. The diversion explains a lot - at this end things had been running well until 37575 which was 18 late from Wisbech, but only 11 late coming back from Peterborough.
37158 worked K18 which is due off Norwich westbound at 12.25, 37571 started on K17 (the 11.55) but ended up on K19 due off Norwich at 12.55. 37573 did a swap with 571 and went from being K19 to K17.
Des adds " I worked with 34111 - 09.00 Gorleston JPH to Norwich, was on time till diverted from route at Beighton, via Panxworth, Blofield Heath and Blofied. A47 closed RTA. Arrived Norwich at 10.20 for 10.10 departure to Yarmouth. No diversion on return journey. Saw Y13 with 37575 westbound, on time at Magdalen Square. K15 37576 eastbound 15 late at James Paget Hospital at 09.00. However, a bit of a mystery next, an extra bus appeared???
At 10.28 on Norwich Southern bypass I sighted 20107 destination X1 Peterborough, approx 1 minute behind was 37157 westbound, then at 10.35 was 37576 westbound. Now, I know that 37576 was within a few minutes of being on time and was the 10.12 ex Yarmouth. I was the 09.27 ex Yarmouth, so either of 20107 or 37157 should have been the 09.42 ex Yarmouth!".
Well we can piece together an explanation Des, L12 08.35 from Yarmouth with 37157 seems to have been stuck in the congestion caused by the accident, Y13 was 37575 and K14 20107. This meant 37579 was inserted at Lynn to work to Peterborough on L12 while 37157 laid over in the bus station until its return departure to Lowestoft at 14.02.
Another reaction to this was 20107 running late on K14 and this terminated at Lynn. 107 then went empty to Wisbech at 13.40 to take up the return leg of K14 at 14.26 from Wisbech to Lowestoft. Even K16 with 37159 was delayed and this went light from Lynn to Peterborough to form the 14.35 to Lowestoft.
The perils of running a bus service involving the A47 hey ?

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