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Tuesday 11th January 2011 ~ 569 In The Wars

An accident at Honingham caused some disruption this morning with 37568 on Y9 caught in the aftermath. It was 28 late from Wisbech on the 10.18 westbound with 37569 on L10 only 5 minutes behind it. 569 appeared to be making loud noises which sounded suspiciously like a faulty fan. L11 with 37160 also lost time and was 22 late from Wisbech. Neither 37568 or 37160 returned through Wisbech and I guess they took the bypass to regain some of the lost time.
Andy James reports K14 changing buses at Lynn this afternoon, with 37564 incoming swapped for 37159 on the 15.02 to Lowestoft. Earlier 37159 had been on K5, but this went forward from Lynn eastbound at 10.32 with 37563 which had been off the road since it failed last Thursday.
Tonight 37564 looked OK at King's Lynn and 37579 which last worked on 5th had also been made fit for service. Just as well really, because this evening L10 failed at Narborough with 37569 producing disco lights and lots of oil and coolant in the wrong places. Fitters had to attend and the 19.50 to Peterborough used 37568 which had come in on Y9.
Des was out and about today taking a trip as passenger on the 99 to Southwold which ceases daytime operation on Saturday. Interestingly he saw 37568 on Y9 by now only running 9 late at Hopton (see above) and here are some pictures he kindly took of other notable workings :
Proof, as if it were needed that B9s do work on the X2. Here is 37567 at Lowestoft bus station today.

You can always spot 37567 as its rear route indicator doesn't work. 37565 is alongside on K1 11.55 to Peterborough

The Beast on local work, leaving Lowestoft for Kessingland today.

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