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Thursday 6th January 2011 ~ Swaffham Swap

As I mentioned in the review of 2010, the Lowestoft Gemini B9s run lower mileages than those based at King's Lynn, although there appears to be no obvious reason for this. Today 37564 was K1, 37566 L10, 37568 L11 and 37569 K2. The other three were less productive though, 37563 was out on L8 but expired at Swaffham at around 12.30 with loss of air. Now I'm not sure exactly what the consequences of this were, but all the signs point to 37571 on K17 being turned round at Swaffham to replace 37563. Whether 37563 then went empty to Lynn or conveyed any passengers off K17 is not known. 37160 took K17 forward from Lynn on time. Meanwhile 37565 worked the Beccles 007 school contract which then works an evening X2 and 37565 was seen by Michael B on the 10.38 X2 from Lowestoft. All the Lynn B9s were in action, save 37579.
Because of 37160s involvement, all the five B7s were in use on the X1 today and 'The Beast' 20107 worked Y9, see the pictures below.
The timetable was largely adhered to today, but K4 had a mishap this morning. Peter says " I foolishly went for the 07.39 from Walsoken and it turned up 20 late with 37572, don't fancy my chances of making the 08.52 train from Peterborough to Leicester ". I asked him why the service had been delayed : "Overheard the driver explaining to another passenger why, but lost interest - I think it was because the original driver rostered had not turned up. Got to Peterborough in time to see my train leaving, so it's an hour's wait now for the next one". Later he caught 37577 on K5 18.40 from Peterborough, by which time beers in Derby were having an effect "Oh for the glory days of the X1, warm coaches, comfortable seats, smooth ride and dimmed lights". Yes, why do the lights on Geminis resemble interrogation lights that would make Hitler proud ? As for the seats, well let's not go there !

Having seen 'The Beast' head west, I positioned myself for a picture on its return and lo and behold, Mr Speed was at the controls. The black car appeared at the last moment to ruin the moment , its occupants making a swift visit to the Polish off licence.
........and here she is at Peterborough before departure for Lowestoft at 11.14, Photo By DS

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