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Tuesday January 4th 2011 ~ Picture This !

The title of today's blog refers to the dull weather which continued today. I would have liked to have provided a New Year picture of 'The Beast' for you, but the lighting for photos made it almost impossible.
So there, I've already said it, today's main news involved the return of 20107 on the X1. It worked L10, so was clearly not a last minute choice as L11 and L12 which depart after this were both Geminis. 37567 was kept in for attention and so was 37565, but the latter was called upon to work the 11.25 Lowestoft - Peterborough (K19) after 37579 was taken off. 579 later returned home to Lynn on Y9 replacing 37563.
I had half expected 20107 to be replaced by 37567 for the second leg of L10, but this didn't happen and instead she worked the full turn which finishes as the 21.10 Peterborough - King's Lynn.
One other swap to report today was K4 which started most unusually with 37571. The Thorney crash victim is almost always used on K17, or alternatively one of the other Lynn internal diagrams. It was no surprise therefore, when I saw K4 at teatime that it had been swapped for freshly serviced 37572. This will then allow 37571 to resume its regular turn tomorrow.
Punctuality was excellent today without exception, so well done to all those involved.

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