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Tuesday 25th January 2011 ~ Prolific Pedalcars

Today there was a proliferation (hang on I'll have to check if I've spelt that right) of B7s and all at once too. K3 which is quite often a B7 was 37158 seen heading eastbound into Wisbech  11 late at 09.01, then K4 also produced one which is pretty remarkable as the last time this happened was on October 11th. 37159 was on time and worked the turn until 19.27 this evening when 37565 which had come into Lynn on Y9 was given a sharp turn around departing on K4 at 19.35 to Lowestoft.
K5 is also a pretty regular B7 turn and this had freshly serviced 37160. Not to be outdone, a fourth consecutive B7 working was the first return from the coast, Y6 having 37156 9 late. Now this only leaves 37157 which was earning its keep all day on the X2.
The rest of the service was B9 monotony with the exception of K14. This turn began with 'The Beast' but this was taken off at Lowestoft at 08.40 and the return 08.55 to Peterborough was given 20126 instead.

Can't understand the blur on this pic as 20126 was travelling very sedately along the B198 at Walsoken today at 12.40 when this shot was taken.
Timekeeping was pretty good, but K17 with 37571 was 12 late on the 15.56 Wisbech to Lowestoft.
37566 was again under repair at Lynn, apparently it has had 'new rockers' which meant nothing to a non-techy like me, but which Bruce reckons is bad news. Two other B9s were absent today, 37569 under repair at Yarmouth and 37578 having attention at King's Lynn.

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