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Saturday 22nd January 2011 ~ The Secret Life of 126

Saturday began where Friday left off, with all services running nicely to time. Maximum lateness on Peterborough bound services from Wisbech was 5 minutes, this being the case with 37575 on L12 and 37568 on K16, otherwise services ran on time or fractionally early. 20107 was used on K18 which will see it at Yarmouth tonight. Grahame Bessey has kindly sent some more of his excellent photographs, taken at Norwich today :

King's Lynn B9s are a relative rarity on the X2, but here is 37576 about to work the 14.04 Norwich to Lowestoft this afternoon.

The Beast departing on the 13.25 to Peterborough (K18)

37573 with a very shy driver on K17 12.55 Norwich to Peterborough.
Grahame says "I travelled up on the 08.57 from Acle aboard 37575 complete with shouting yobbo upstairs who was on the phone all the way to Norwich, using as much choice language as possible and having no clue he was actually in public whilst doing so!

Homeward I boarded 37156 which I found a tad more comfy than the B9 offering earlier in the day, I missed a Beast trip but maybe next time if its still around ? 20126 was blinded for the X1 at Caister Road around 3.00pm so not sure if it was about to venture out ?"
Hmmm well funny you should say Grahame. Dale says he saw 126 on an X1 this evening and it turns out that it replaced 37569 on Y6 which had developed an oil leak. Y6 is off Yarmouth for Peterborough at 15.12, so it ties in with Grahame's sighting. It was a bad day for the Lowestoft B9s with 37566 being sidelined at King's Lynn with an unspecified fault.

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