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Saturday 15th January 2011 ~ Surprise Surprise

What I wanted today was a nice easy day to sit at the PC typing an article for a magazine devoted to one of my other hobbies. It all looked so good when a friend emailed me a full list of the vehicles in use today, another low floor day - and come to think of it, that meant I'd be able to report on the first ever entirely low floor week in the history of the X1 !
That was until I had a frantic phone call from Bruce at 12.45. He had been out shovelling manure in the field when instead of 37568 sailing by on K14 12.15 from King's Lynn to Peterborough, a B10M coach without Excel branding passed by. Now clearly this was not 20107 as that still proudly proclaims Excel on the side, so Bruce had come to the logical conclusion that it must be the elusive 20115 !
With this being a distinct possibility, I drove up to Walpole Highway at just before 14.30 and Bruce and myself then walked up to the A47 flyover to get pictures. What a mistake that turned out to be - we'd conveniently forgotten that there was a gale blowing, added to which, we had just about reached the flyover when I glimpsed the B10M heading rapidly towards us. This was a bit unexpected, as it had been 10 minutes late westbound. A dash to the end of the bridge and such was the strength of the wind, it was impossible to hold the camera still and we both ended up with very blurry pictures of , yes 20115 !

In small resolution, so that it looks reasonably in focus, here is 20115 !
Well that was certainly the highlight of the day (and week in fact). 37568 wasn't the only B9 having an off day. L12 12.35 Peterborough - Lowestoft was on time with 37578, but on arrival at Lynn it was taken out of traffic with a failed injector and the only bus available to replace it was 37158 which had been on local work.

 As you can see from these pictures it was a thoroughly dull day over here in  the west. These two pictures were taken near Walton Highway and show 37574 on L9 11.05 from Peterborough and below B7 37157 with Y13 08.15 from Lowestoft.

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