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Monday 24th January 2011 ~ It Does Work Sometimes

Sometimes, just occasionally,  particularly at this time of the year, it actually works ! The timetable of the X1 that is. I've already mentioned some noteworthy timekeeping in recent days, but today it all went like clockwork. Starting with the delays though and K4 08.35 from Peterborough was by far the black sheep. 37573 was the bus concerned and it was just over 7 minutes behind schedule arriving at Wisbech for its 09.26 departure to Lowestoft. I say arriving (it is due at 09.21) so it probably left only a couple of minutes late. Otherwise, punctuality was excellent.
Seen from X1 blog HQ were Y7 with 37571 -2, L8 37565 right time, Y9 37572 right time, L10 37568  1 early (!!!), L12 37579 -2, Y13 20107 right time, K14 37577 -1, K17 37576 3 early !, K18 37156 right time, K19 37575 right time, K1 37567 right time, K2 37570 right time and finally K3 37159 -1.
Coming back from Peterborough, 37576 was on time and K16 with 37564 made its earliest ever appearance past me, on time at 15.20.
20107 worked Y13 despite 37157 being on hand at Lowestoft for the 14.38 X2 from Lowestoft to Beccles. In addition, 20126 was also on X2 duties being seen by Michael Bryant on the 14.40 Norwich to Lowestoft.
Our man at Yarmouth says "37569 - standing very poorly in a pool of oil - powered steering pipe ruptured at rear. Pipe cannot be repaired, eg straight section, as it is complicated moulded shape. Volvo original part required". Meanwhile at Lynn, the man in the know says 37566 will be out of action for a few days whilst repairs are effected. Thank goodness there are a few coaches left to hold the fort !

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37569 will be back 2moz matey