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Wednesday 19th January 2011 ~ Soldiering On

The Beast continues to soldier on, being the favourite replacement vehicle at Lowestoft. Today it came out on L12 again, while 37563 did the 12.08 X2 from Lowestoft and the other possibility, 37156, was clearly not deemed fit.
37577 on K15 was taken off at lunchtime for a destination screen replacement and 37578, with injector problem cured took over. 37571 which had overnighted at Lowestoft, came out on L11 but also came off at Lynn, for 37158 forward. 158 was then noted departing Wisbech 2 minutes early ! This may be because drivers are so used to B7s running late. Both 37157 and 37159 managed to be 7 minutes late on K14 and Y9, but the driver of 37160 did well to be only 3 late on K16 14.35 from Peterborough which is a notorious late runner. Overall timekeeping was good, with 37572 11 minutes late tonight on K2 being the worst seen all day.
The advertising man was at large again tonight and had to make an extra trip to Lynn to track down buses he'd missed on Sunday/Monday. Nevertheless 37563/4, 37570, 37156 & 37160 all still carry ads from last year and missed out on the new campaigns for milk and McCains oven chips.

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