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Thursday 13th January 2011 ~ Make Do & Mend

The service continues in all low floor mode at the moment, though it is a matter of having something spare in the event of a failure which may be their undoing !
37156 leaving Wisbech 10 late on Y13 13.56 to Lowestoft yesterday, it was in the wars again today.
  Today 37156 was ill again, it did K14 on which it was seen heading to Lowestoft 18 late by one of our correspondents, but later came off at Lynn at 12.10 and a repaired 37569 worked forward in very noisy fashion with its faulty fan. Punctuality was very hit and miss, with the temporary lights on Lynn Road in Wisbech adding to earlier problems on the Acle straight.
L8 with 37577 due off Wisbech to Peterborough at 09.48, departed 21 late, Y9 which was 37158 was seen returning from Peterborough just 4 late, L10 was 37570 noted 14 x 8 late westbound and returning, L11 with 37157 was 16 x 8 late which represents a good recovery for a B7. Things then returned relatively to normal, but mid afternoon K16 failed to appear (it should have been 37160) and instead K17 ran 18 x 23 late with 37574 meaning an 80 minute gap in the service after K15 with 573 which had been only 4 late. Geminis on maintenance today were 37566 at Lowestoft and 37571 at Lynn.
Another picture of Y13, today with 37572. It is approaching Walton Road  at Walsoken where vandals have smashed the glass in both bus shelters this week. I'd throw away the keys myself !

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