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Wednesday 26th January 2011 ~ An Adventure with 37565

Today was quite an ordinary X1 day - always good news for the operators, but not much good for making blog headlines. 37565 was the odd one out so to speak today. It worked Y7 which is due off Peterborough eastbound at 10.05. I didn't see it arrive at Wisbech, but Bruce confirmed it at Walpole Highway about 'on time'. What happened next is where the mystery comes in. At 11.30 it appeared on the Southgates webcam heading down Nar Ouse Way towards Peterborough. We know it was 565 as this is the only B9 retaining the Nescafe advert (you see you have to be a bit of an X1 detective to notice these obscure things).
At 11.30 it should have been arriving at King's Lynn bus station, so if you know what happened , please put me and Bruce out of our mysery !
20126 was again designated to help with operations and it worked L11 all day.

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