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Sunday 16th January 2011 ~ Oh Gulliver !

One of our favourite ladies brings 37579 out of Walpole Highway this morning as the 09.08 to Peterborough.
 Well it was ten B9 Geminis on the X1 today, so exactly as it should be. What is more, similarly to yesterday, everything seen was near enough on time.
37159 which did K3 yesterday got in a bit of a flap and lost half its T board advertising the film 'Gullivers Travels', parts of which decided to go on unadvertised travels of their own ! It looked a bit of a mess in Vancouver Avenue this evening, but it shouldn't have to wait too long for a replacement, as 37576 (below) appeared today with new advert for McCains, so maybe Gulliver and the Little Fockers have (not before time) had their chips.
Lowestoft only provide one bus on Sundays and today it was 37576 working the 09.48 to Peterborough, seen here at Walpole Highway. It later worked the 18.48 ex Lowestoft as booked.

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