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Saturday 29th January 2011 ~ Buses on time, Blog on time.

37565 seems to be advertising a cure for those who struggle to get comfortable on the B9 seats
Heavens ! A blog entry actually appears on the right day, whatever next ? As I had a lot of non - X1 connected things to do today, I restricted myself to a quick trip to view L12 11.15 King's Lynn to Peterborough which was 37565. Going the other way at this time was 37563 on L8 10.35 from Peterborough. Both services were a few minutes late, but nothing untoward.

Here's a little video of 37563 today !

K17 was back to normal today with 37571, seen on time by Cheryl and K18 had the delights of Beast 20107.
37578 was back today on K1 after repairs to a hose, failure of which saw it replaced yesterday. As seems customary at the moment, all the B7s congregated at Lynn this evening. 37156 was on Y10, 37157 on L11 and 37158 on K5. Yesterday Bruce reported 37159 sounding like an injector was on the way out, could be coincidence, but today it was rested at Vancouver Avenue. 37160 is now undergoing MOT prep here.

Last Saturday's EDP carried an article regarding the rumours of the X1 avoiding Hockering from March. Here is the notice in the bus shelter in the village. I notice that Mr. Pilbeam stopped short of saying the X1 would continue to call there, merely that they had no intentions of withdrawing bus services to the stop !

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